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1992 - 2000

The club was born on 1 July 1992, under the presidency of Joaquín González, with two teams of Under 12 and one of Under 9. Uniforms at the time were a red shirt with black trim and white pants. Years later these would be exchanged for a red-black shirt with black pants. We headquartered at the Isla Tabarca Sports Center – our a magical and humble fiefdom for many years.

2000 - 2010

In the summer of 2000, the Board raised the possibility of having a senior team, so that the players trained in the lower categories could have continuity within the Club itself. 


Contacts were established with another club in the district, FC Urbanización La Paz, which launched in 1990 as FC Parque Balompié La Paz. In the 98/99 season, they played under the name FC Huarte La Paz and had a place in 2nd Regional.


The two clubs merged and started playing as ADC Adarve-La Paz – and achieved the place of runner-up in the 00/01 season, ascending to First Regional.


In 2002, the name was shortened to ADC Adarve and the club finished fifth in 02/03, then fourth in 03/04 season. These were uncertain times at the club, though – and another merger was made in 2004, this time with Mestalla FC, who played in the 3rd Regional. The name now adopted was ADC Adarve-Mestalla. 


The wear and tear of uncertainty and mergers took its toll, however, and in the 04/05 campaign, the team occupied fifteenth place – descending to 2nd Regional division, from which we would withdraw in full competition in the 05/06 season.


In the summer of 2006, two circumstances led to a new merger. The ADC Adarve-Mestalla Club had a large pool of players, but the senior First Team needed more. Meanwhile, the AD Unión Barrio del Pilar has just been proclaimed runner-up in Group I, achieving promotion to Regional Preference. Promoted by Club President, Joaquín González, an agreement was reached between the two clubs, resulting in the Unión Adarve-Barrio del Pilar Sports Group. From this point the Club played at the Campo de la Vereda de Ganapanes, a stronghold of the AD Unión Barrio del Pilar and equipped with artificial grass. The new Club debut was excellent, reaching third place in the League and earning promotion to the 3rd Division.


The summer of 2007 was turbulent and the team was assembled in just fifteen days. We would end up at the bottom with only six victories, and adopt the name of Agrupación Deportiva Unión Adarve. Back in the Preferential Regional, we would finish fifth and sixth in the next two seasons.

2010 - 2017

Mr. José Ferreiro Feijó replaced Joaquín González as Club President in 2008, with the aim of returning to the Third Division, and we achieved this goal in the 10/11 season. With promotion comes change, and Luis Ramón Gómez Arrojo now occupied the president’s chair, with coach Lolo Escobar in charge of achieving permanence during the re-release in the Third Division of the 11/12 campaign. 


During this time, AD Unión Adarve becomes the 4th best Club in the city of Madrid in its own right, after Real Madrid FC, Club Atlético de Madrid and Rayo Vallecano de Madrid, providing great players from our extensive foundation Academy.

In the 12/13 edition, again under Lolo Escobar, AD Unión Adarve reached 4th place in the standings, which allowed us to contest the Promotion to Segunda B for the first time in our history. Unfortunately, we were eliminated in the semifinals by CD Tropezón. 


Then in the 13/14 season, we again, reached third place with one of the lowest budgets in the division. Following FC Trival Valderas and Rayo Vallecano “B”, we were again allowed to fight for promotion. However, we did not get past the Quarter Finals, defeated by Orihuela FC.


In the 14/15 season, Víctor Cea assumed leadership of the bench with the same will and energy as Lolo Escobar, accessing our third consecutive Promotion. Again, sadly, we would not make it through the Quarter Finals, being eliminated by the Balearic team, CD Llosetense. 


It was the 16/17 edition, the third with Víctor Cea on the bench, where we surpassed all our records in the League to finish second, just seven points behind Club Atlético de Madrid “B”. This year we used the Vicente Del Bosque Sports Center, after reaching an agreement with the municipal council of the Fuencarral-El Pardo district. 


In the Promotion play-offs, we won our Quarter Final against FC Vilafranca, and then eliminated SD Tarazona in the Semi-Final. The final was played against Atlético Malagueño. We went into that game with a magnificent 2-0 record at home, but when Málaga B pushed hard in the second half and achieved a 4-1 score in the 89th minute – promotion seemed unlikely. But, in the 94th minute, a strike bounced off an opposing player and the final score was 4-2. We achieved a major Club milestone; promotion to Second Division B!

2017 - 2020


In our first season in Segunda B, the team was reinforced with high-level signings and continued to trust Víctor Cea to lead. The team responded positively, although in the following year and with several changes on the bench, we occupied twentieth position and returned to the Third Division. 


In the atypical and turbulent 2019/20 season, the team once again played strong and finished third, but were eliminated in the semifinals the promotion playoff, although heads were held high for the effort shown every minute of each game. We will be back!

2020 - Present

Football did not avoid the damage of the pandemic that stopped the world. But, the Club continued working to adapt and improve. Diego Nogales took the reins of the First Team and Víctor Salamanca succeeded Luis Gómez as President in February 2021, with the mission of raising Adarve to the height of a leading club, using Academy as a reference. 

After a sensational football season, in May 2021, the First Team consolidated their promotion to 2nd RFEF (previously Segunda B) – a category from which we, as a Club from grassroots to the Senior team, dream of continuing to grow and develop. 

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